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LashSense®/ UnderSense®
LashSense®/ UnderSense®

LashSense®/ UnderSense®

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About LashSense®

A mascara that contains no paraffin waxes and helps to moisturize, lengthen, and thicken your eyelashes, also containing a long-lasting technology making it waterproof, smear proof, and budge proof.

How To Apply

Apply mascara with wand starting at the base of the lash, up to the tip

Use Before: UnderSense® 

Tips and Tricks: Let mascara dry in between coats for a smoother finish

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About UnderSense®

Coat lashes with this effective lengthener and builder that also delivers deep hydration to damaged lashes. 

How to Apply

Make sure your lashes are clean and dry before application, using mascara applicator brush coat all lashes evenly then let dry before applying mascara 

Other Products You'll Love

LashSense®, BrowSense®, and EyeSense®