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SunScreen and Sunless Tanner
SunScreen and Sunless Tanner

SunScreen and Sunless Tanner

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Sunless Tanner-$50


About Self Tanning Bronzer

Get a natural, gorgeous tan with this moisturizing and anti-aging bronzing coconut milk. Easy application and streak-free.

How to Apply

Exfoliate well before application and apply to clean damp skin.

Hold bottle six inches from skin, spritz and rub color in.

Wash hands well after application, allow a day and apply

another application until you reach desired color.


Use Before Body Scrub


Tips and Tricks Mix Self Tanner with SeneDerm® Body Lotion to extend

the life of the product


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Key Ingredients



Plum Seed Oil

Shea Butter



About SeneSun

An SPF 30 sunscreen that is light and non-sticky, unlike other sunscreens it's barely noticeable when applied as it does not feel thick, oily, or muddy.


How to Apply

Spray evenly and spread evenly by hand 15 minutes before sun exposure,

apply to all skin exposed to sun, hold container 4 to 6 inches from the skin to apply.

Do not spray directly into face, spray on hands then apply to face.


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Key Ingredients

SenePlex Complex®


Aloe Vera

Vitamin E